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The Evolution of Cold Beer


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TurboChill is a Revolution in how Cold Beer is poured. Providing ice cold beer ANYWHERE you want it to be! Without the inconvenience of electricity, generators or even batteries - TurboChill gives you the freedom to pour ice cold beer at 35-38 degrees from a room temperature keg at 3X's the regular speed you would normally pour a draft beer. Whether you are tailgating in Miami or throwing a street fair in Seattle, TurboChill gives you the freedom to set up wherever and whenever you choose.

TurboChill facts:

  1. 99% Keg Yield (typical keg yield is around 70%).
  2. Beer is Poured at 35-38 Degrees Every Time
  3. No Electricity or Batteries Required.
  4. With TurboTap Beer is Poured 3X's as Fast.
  5. Keg Doesn't Need To Be On Ice.

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